Monday, February 21, 2011


As to be expected, a lot has changed on the work front since I last posted. Work is thankfully abundant, clients are paying as they are supposed to, and my husband's old job re-opened and he is back in a salaried position (which was our original plan when I first planned the office opening). I've gone from looking for a part-time job to bringing home more earnings last month than I was paid in a month at my last job. It's a great, fulfilling feeling.

Work has come from many unexpected places, like opposing counsel, parents of opposing parties, and old bosses. When you treat others with civility and in a professional manner, these positive traits rise above the argument of the day and these "opponents" trust you enough to send business your way. It's hard to remember to play nice while advocating for your client at times, but if you stay above the fray, it shows.

I know I have to keep hustling for the day this work slows down or dries up completely, but I'm confident that the work will come if I continue to take good care of my current clients. I'm a big believer in karma (and word-of-mouth advertising), so if I keep on keepin' on, good things are bound to come my way.

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  1. That's great news. Congratulations. Keep on doing what you do.